Finance for non-financial managers is fast gaining momentum and many training providers are coming up to offer it to companies seeking to empower their staffs. But, what exactly is Finance for non-finance managers and who is this course meant for?

Many companies have a financial manager who normally oversees the financial matters. However, we also have other managers who are not directly responsible for finance, such as the marketing managers, human resource managers, training managers, IT managers etc. While they may not directly be responsible for financial decisions, this manager makes important business decisions that have a major impact on the final financial standings of the company at large. In essence, non-financial managers need to acquire the financial skills that empower them to exhibit better all-round business acumen.

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Finance for Non-Financial professionals is ideal for managers to enhance their skills in the current competitive business environment. The program is designed to provide necessary knowledge to understand:

  • Fundamental financial concepts.
  • Financial documents.
  • Managing budgets.
  • Analyzing financial performance.

This program aims to equip managers with a knowledge of critical financial principles and the right skills to deal with the ever-changing business needs of an organization. If, as a non-financial manager, you are able to understand the financial statements, as well as the various factors that impact a company’s financial position, you will be well-placed to:

  • Negotiate for a bigger budget
  • Make convincing arguments in favour of incurring specific expenses
  • Justify your management decisions based on relevant financial information
  • Make a positive contribution to the company’s financial performance

All of these actions will help you to come across as a competent and confident leader, and are likely to contribute to your success in your chosen career. And when sending out their managers on a finance for non-finance managers course, many companies hope that they will acquire the requisite skills they need to not only understand how transactions that occur affect the business from a financial point of view but also analyze financial reports, plan (budget) for the future and Evaluate if a business decision will ultimately enhance company profit.

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