Diaspora Solutions

Owning a piece of real estate back in Kenya whether it is land or a house seems an unattainable dream to most Kenyans in the diaspora. Banks are often unwilling to fund these endeavors for various reasons ranging from mistrusting the applicant or offering sky high rates. There are also very common stories of would be investors being ripped off by close relatives or friends. With Mwanzoni, you can be sure that we will take care of your interests from start to finish of any project or process.


  • Arranging funding from local Commercial Banks
  • Conducting Pre-feasibility studies to ascertain the Return on Investment
  • Conduct Due diligence on available opportunities for investment.
  • Provide information on available opportunities for investment through the Project Funding Portal.
  • Offer Property Management services for properties owned locally to eliminate the risk of untrusted third Parties.
  • Offer Project management services their projects locally to relieve them off the Supervision Stress.