Why Mwanzoni

  1. Mwanzoni is a member or has registered with relevant real estate bodies in Kenya as below :

    • Mwanzoni Ltd is a registered member of the Kenya Property Developers Association (KPDA)
    • Mwanzoni Ltd is registered by the National construction authority (NCA) under category NCA6
    • Our CEO Dr. Mbugua is a board member of the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK). His membership number is 3757
    • Our CEO Dr. Mbugua is a registered member of the Institute of quantity surveyors of Kenya (IQSK). His membership number is 1026
  2. Our CEO Dr. Lawrence Mbugua is an experienced management consultant with particular expertise in supporting clients in the delivery of major / complex programmes as well as business transformation and change management. Having worked with both Public and Private sector clients, he has supported various PPP and PFI initiatives in UK especially in infrastructure, housing and education. He has over 15 years’ experience managing a variety of projects in both the UK and Kenya. In December 2011, Lawrence was voted among Kenya’s Top 40 men who are under 40.

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  4. Mwanzoni has among its staff certified project managers and investment analysts who are ready to engage with you and advise you on your investment.

  5. Mwanzoni has great working relationships with local banks here in Kenya. We are able to engage with them on behalf of our clients and secure much needed funding for projects.

  6. Mwanzoni has several international investors who we have engaged and they have invested their money into Kenyan projects. For instance, we managed to secure 2Billion Kenyan shillings from a French investor towards a project run by the National council of churches of Kenya (NCCK)

  7. In case you want to put in money in a project here in Kenya, we will advise you to open a separate account where you will deposit your project funds. We will then operate that account jointly with you to ensure that you are comfortable that your funds are being used in a forthright manner.