Residential Interiors


Modern State-of-the Art Kitchens & Worktops! Bring your dream kitchen to life!! We start from scratch using a completely empty room. When you’ve got your space, we start by making for you the best design and then fill it with your favorite kitchen cabinets, worktops and accessories. We even go as far as adding lights to make it beautiful and adorable.


Organize your clothes and find a bedroom wardrobe to suit your style. From in-built, sliding doors to freestanding wardrobes, our Modern, Classic and stylish wardrobes will ensure your clothes have a happy home.


Flooring and Wall finishes!

We cover all aspects of commercial and residential floor and wall finishes to create a decorative warm elegance in your project.
Flooring that includes the use of; Ceramic Tiles, Vinyl & laminates, Granito Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Wall to Wall carpet, Carpet Tiles, PVC Tiles, Parquet & Wood Blocks

Sanitary Ware Fitting

We do supply and fitting of all sanitary ware that includes; bath tub, water closet, showers and shower cubical, jacuzzi, hand wash basins, taps, sinks and vanities.