Software Development

Mwanzoni Tech in-house, cutting-edge software development team builds bespoke solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, insight and profit, as well as solve system, integration, data and software issues.

Our solutions incorporate functionality that enables your staff to transact business quickly, accurately and with a customer-orientated focus.

Specialist Software Skills

Our software specialists will thoroughly investigate and understand your needs to create the optimally designed solution to achieve your goals, using both open source and Microsoft platforms and tools.

Our tailored development projects have included:

  • Portals integrated with Microsoft Dynamics;
  • Microsoft CRM customization;
  • Software and systems integration;
  • Data extraction and analysis;
  • APIs;
  • System queries, reporting and dashboards;
  • Web interface business management systems;
  • Workflow implementations for company specific processes;
  • Advanced ticketing, leisure and automated marketing systems;
  • Advanced membership management and booking systems.

Solutions tailored to meet your needs

We recognize that business processes need to be efficient, integrated and relevant. We will work with you to streamline your business processes by developing and deploying tailored solutions to meet your needs. We also specialize in turning data into meaningful and intelligent business insights so that you can fine tune your business model and compete more effectively. If your business applications aren’t delivering your business needs, our experts will evaluate what you’d like to achieve and take you on the first step towards a tailored solution that is right for you.

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